Would you like to buy a baby?

Sometimes on Sundays, we go to my mom’s for dinner. Last night, I got there early, so we caught a couple of shows on tv. The first one was called The Spiral Staircase. It’s an old movie about a mute maid-servant and a killer on the loose. The other one was so creepy, it made my mom’s husband physically ill. Enjoy.

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  1. Whoa. That’s creepy.

  2. We decided that the long-haired lady liked these better than real children because they’re clean. Her house was white. And she kept mentioning that as a plus. She told the interviewer that she knew they were dolls, not babies, but interrupted her husband on camera when he called them dolls, saying “babies.”

  3. Those babies were incredible!!! They really are the perfect kind of baby and that’s coming from someone with REAL babies.
    When my real babies are all grown, I’m going to get those fake babies instead of cats.
    I should mention, I shed a little tear for the old lady at the end who lost her real baby. I could see wanting to have a fake one to feel like he was still with her. That’s the kind of crazy I’d go if I lost one of my real ones.

  4. I wish I’d have figured out how to watch the whole thing. Then I wouldn’t have looked so dumb thinking that lady had one made of her dead baby.

  5. I’m kind of wondering if getting one of those for my MIL would get her out of my hair?? Then she wouldn’t have to take my real baby away from me to tell everyone on the street that “Yes, he’s mine. This is my baby.”

    So even though I still think the doll babies are kind of creepy (they look so real that it makes me sad to think that they will never wake up or grow up or play or laugh or clap…it makes them seem more like dead babies than doll babies), my MIL is even creepier so it might be a good match.

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