14 days til the wedding. It’s Thursday and I’d been on Slimquick for 4 days, trying the best I can to follow their meal recommendation of 1 raisin for breakfast, 1 piece of lettuce dipped in balsamic vinegar for lunch, 2 almonds for a snack, and as much steamed broccoli as you want (as MUCH AS YOU WANT!!) for dinner. I got off work at nine, stopping by my mom’s on the way home to drop off some more invitations for people that I don’t know (maybe when they show up to the wedding and shake my hand, I’ll say “hi, stranger!” but I’ll just be kidding – kind of) and try on my dress again. I’ve made progress so I guess the Slimquick easy diet is working. On my way home, I hit traffic. TRAFFIC. It’s 10:30 at night! Dear Sandy City, what is so wrong with 9000 South at the freeway entrance that you have to KEEP FIXING IT?? Well, anyway, whatever it is, thank you, because that’s the exit everyone will have to take to get to the wedding (all 12 of my friends and the 50 strangers). I think I was just grumpy because I was tired and probably a little hungry, too. Ok, a LOT hungry. My stomach started talking to me and I really didn’t feel like sitting in traffic, so I turned left, landing right in the Arby’s drive-thru. Crap – what am I doing? Be good, Kristy. HUUUUNNNGGRYY. I asked the speaker for a minute to decide and just stared at the menu. Curly fries, maybe? A wrap would be healthier, but they’re almost $5. Then I saw their newest menu item: Mac n Cheezers, fried macaroni and cheese. I ordered the 5-piece and deliberated making an escape until my stomach forced me to the window to pay. They were fresh out of the grease when they arrived. I know because I watched her shake them from the basket into the fry box. I didn’t care though. I carefully pulled one out of the box and bit into it, at the same time breathing on it to cool it. I swallowed the first piece, which was pretty much just a piece of crunchiness, then breathed inside, onto the cheese and macaroni on the inside. I really wanted to enjoy these, so it was important that I not sear my tongue or the roof of my mouth in the process. Interjection: I’ve had fried m & c before at a restaurant. It was ok, but not terribly flavorful. This one, though, OH EM GEE! It was like heaven. Outside crunchiness and inside, creamy, dreamy mac n cheese! I ate the rest of them as slowly as I ate the first (my mouth is watering as I write this) as I drove in the opposite direction from my home just to get to a freeway exit without construction. I didn’t even care anymore. I was so happy and satiated. So, thank you, Arby’s for making a starving girls’ evening and for having one more thing on your menu that DOESN’T give me diarrhea (i.e. anything with the words ‘roast beef’ in it). I got home, slept well, despite my guilty conscience and then started yet another day with a warm cup of water with the juice of ½ a lemon and one brown rice cake, plain.

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Would you like to buy a baby?

Sometimes on Sundays, we go to my mom’s for dinner. Last night, I got there early, so we caught a couple of shows on tv. The first one was called The Spiral Staircase. It’s an old movie about a mute maid-servant and a killer on the loose. The other one was so creepy, it made my mom’s husband physically ill. Enjoy.

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