My hair grows too quickly.

I was at my mom’s today printing off my itinerary and some travel information for my upcoming trip (10 days!!) since I’m po’ and don’t have a printer of my own (but don’t feel sorry for me because I can use my mom’s). We had a nice visit and spoke with my sister-in-law and nephew on the phone for a bit. On a side note, he’s fond of the phrase “one more thing…” though I’m not quite sure he’s grasped the meaning of it. Then as I got into my car, she examined me, as mothers do, and asked, “are you going to get your roots done before you go?” And you wonder where I get my brutal honesty from…

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  1. When my mom was here after Z was born, she was looking at old pictures and said, “Oh, you look so nice when your hair is short…” Hold for a few beats. “…do you know any good hair stylists in Seattle?”


    No wonder you and I get along so well. Thick skins and big mouths. And pequoos too. 🙂

  2. I feel for you! The last time I saw my mom, she was going on about how much she liked me as a blond (nevermind that I’m into the fact that my hair is growing in brunette these days), and then she offered to pay for me to get fake-baked since apparently darker looks “healthier” on me.

  3. Eh, for some reason your feed hasn’t updated for me, and I’ve been wondering when you were going to blog again for quite some time. I should have come straight here instead, because now I can see that you’ve been blogging the whole time and I have so much to catch up on!

  4. Shweetie,

    My email exploded and I lost most of my addresses. I’ll try to search for yours later today but for now, I’m passing through Utah on my way to Yellowstone. Will you be around August 2nd (Saturday). I’d love to hookup with you and Carol!

  5. I think your blog is due for an update. About your hair growing so fast that you got engaged. Or something like that.

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