I Forgot to Tell You

I’m a mom. Ok, I’m not. These are my relatives kids. But they’re one of my favorite things about Christmas, not these boys specifically, but kids in general. They’re fun. These two were kind of cute and gracious enough to let me get a photo op.


He’s not making a face. That’s just his expression. He’s like a Brad Pitt baby. He doesn’t even have to do anything cute, he just is. You might remember that I blogged about him last year – he’s the one whose family left him and went to Disneyland. (I’m just kidding Andrew if you’re reading this, they just went to 7-11).

Cyrus is the the 5th of 6 boys belonging to my step-sister. You can’t tell from this picture, but he is also the loudest. He’s only 2, but everyone knew he got jacket for Christmas (even though they all did) because when he opened his, he immediately put it on and followed his dad around the house for 30 minutes repeating the phrase “DAD! I got a jacket!” This is him in his jacket.


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  1. Very cute kids. It’s nice hanging out with good looking people and their offspring.

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