Bed Time

It’s been snowing A LOT, storming even. I love snow. But even more than snow, I love my bed. I love the Calvin Klein pillows I bought on sale at the Nordstrom Rack with Stacy covered in Christmas pillow cases that my mom made. I love the pale yellow flannel duvet cover over my down comforter. I love the extra down throws I’ve accumulated (it seems that a down throw is a good gift for your 30-something single female cousin whose name who got for Christmas – helps with cold nights, not that, yeah, anyway…). I love the extra blanket I sleep on top of because sometimes even flannel sheets just aren’t enough. I love my clock radio just within reach that is set to the station that plays Christmas music year round at the push of a button. It sits on the top shelf of a little collapsible bookshelf above my scriptures on the second shelf. I love the lamp with the reddish shade that matches the orangey-red flowers on my pale yellow duvet cover that gives just enough light for me to read. I love my bed so much that even though I get off work at 10pm, and I have the necessary toiletries and a place to sleep at work, I will take an hour ride down the snowy, slippery, treacherous mountain road with my co-worker, spend fifteen minutes digging my car out of the parking lot, drive thirty more minutes on unplowed city streets to spend four hours in my bed. Only to get up at 4, clean 6 inches of new snow off my car and retrace the route I made hours before. To sleep in my own bed, it’s worth it.

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  1. Instead of the blanket, you should buy a featherbed. I used to have one back in my singles days. That, with the down comforter… I swear it feels like you’re sleeping in a cloud! (The link is to give you an idea… there are MUCH cheaper, and just as good, options out there!)

  2. I once had a bed that I loved that much. I envy you.

  3. I’ve got a feather bed and down comforter on my bed. You should totally do it. You’ll be writing posts regularly about your bed.

  4. I love your bed. I used to like mine. Now I feel as if I need to go get a new one. Thanks, I’ve been needing an excuse 🙂

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