Yeah, no.

Somebody on facebook, I think it was Scott, sent me a request to “rate my friends.” It turned out to be a quiz in which you are shown pictures of two friends and asked to compare them in different categories, like looks, tastes, importance, bra size, etc. The first question was “Who would you rather date?” My choices? Chris, who is gay, and Tony, who is married. Nice. Kinda like real life. I didn’t finish the quiz.

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  1. I was there when Scott was taking the quiz. The questions were SO dumb. He kept asking my opinion. “Who is more organized? Bethany or Mike?” I about peed my pants. Honestly! I was like, “WHY are you answering those stupid questions???”

    Whoever thought of that application was obviously just trying to think of SOMETHING to make.

  2. (For the record, I’m more organized than Mike.)

  3. I am totally relate. UGH.

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