In France it’s a Delicacy

Every day, the little deli down the hill sends out an email notification of the special of the day. This was yesterday’s:


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  1. I have always wanted to try roasted bee. Yummmm.

    And guess who’s moving to Denver and stayed with me last week? Checkout my blog for allllll the sordid details.

  2. …with a nick nack paddy whack leave the prv alone…

  3. Reminds me of the time I was in a taqueria (that’s a taco place for you non-hispano-hip hipsters) in Guadalajara and on the English version of the menu were Beast Fajitas.

    I kept looking for the who pudding but to no avail.

  4. You’d think that’d be better with honey mustard than horseradish

  5. That sounds almost as tasty as the pizza that was in a flyer that came to our house.
    Sweat pizza.
    I can’t help but to wonder if that’s bottled sweat or they workers just put it on fresh off their forehead or armpits while preparing it.

  6. So are they with or without stingers?

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