It’s Official

Utah Valley State College is now Utah Valley University. I can’t wait until they open a campus in Los Angeles.

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Have Yourself a Merry Little…



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Yeah, no.

Somebody on facebook, I think it was Scott, sent me a request to “rate my friends.” It turned out to be a quiz in which you are shown pictures of two friends and asked to compare them in different categories, like looks, tastes, importance, bra size, etc. The first question was “Who would you rather date?” My choices? Chris, who is gay, and Tony, who is married. Nice. Kinda like real life. I didn’t finish the quiz.

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Thank Goodness for Small Miracles

I just wanted to take time to express my appreciation for the little things. You know, the stop and smell the roses on the way kind of things in life. I had two such experiences this morning on the way to work. Firstly, I was stopped at a light when a car pulled up and stopped to the left of the truck in front of me. The passenger in the car opened his door to spit, which is great, because who hasn’t needed to hock a loogie from the car, right? Well, here comes the good part. He was holding the door open with his right hand and hocked that loogie not onto the road, but right on the sleeve of his blue jacket. The mix of frustration and disgust on his face was almost as awesome as watching him try to wipe the spit off with his other hand. Then he just gave up and closed the door. In case you didn’t know, the amusement I felt at his misfortune is a prime example of schadenfreude. Which is the German word for “ha ha!”

My second little miracle came while I was on the canyon road, almost to work. I wasn’t late, in fact, I was about 40 minutes early (yes, I love where I work that much), but I was speeding, just cruising along listening to and dancing along with JT and Timbaland (just try not to dance to this song). Then I saw a sheriff parked on the side of the road. In the past three years, I’ve never seen one like that, just sitting there, waiting for me to come speeding by. As I slammed on the brakes, I looked down to see how fast I was going. 55. That’s 15 over the limit. CRAP. I slowed down to 40 and waited for the lights. But they didn’t come. I kept going 40, slowing down even more on the steep turns, waiting to see Mr. Omar Sheriff behind me at any minute. I had lost sight of him as the road is quite curvy (sexy!). He never showed. I fully expected karma to get me after taking so much pleasure at the guy who spat on his arm just minutes before, but she was kind today. Maybe the little show at the stoplight and the oblivioius/merciful/apathetic cop WERE karma, a treat for me for something good I’ve done recently (like leaving no trace of the two-day kegger I threw at The Coolest Family Ever’s house, which I’m watching while they’re in Italy).

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Don’t Get Your Goggles Out Quite Yet

Saturday, November 17, was supposed to be opening day. As you can see, by this picture, taken on November 16 at approximately 2:30 pm, that day has been delayed. Could everyone just make a little sacrifice to the snow gods, please? My (and many others’)  livelihood(s) depends upon it. Thanks, Me.


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In France it’s a Delicacy

Every day, the little deli down the hill sends out an email notification of the special of the day. This was yesterday’s:


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I guess she’s not a pilates fan.

Where I work, we have a few local regulars, people who drive up the mountain from Salt Lake to take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere, take a dip in the hot tub and maybe take a yoga class. This morning, three such ladies, who particularly enjoy the yoga classes, came in. Wearing top-of-the-line athletic clothing, and looking like they’d be the ones who teach you to hold your pinky up while sipping your tea and reminding you of all the ways LADIES act (I’d list some, but not being much of a lady myself, I’m not really familiar with those rules)if you went to a finishing school. As I handed them their robes, they thanked me graciously and asked if the regular yoga instructor would be teaching today.

“No. Today there’s a substitute.”

“Oh, is she ill?”

“She probably just has a school function with her kids or something. I don’t think it’s serious.”

“Oh, well, that’s good. I’m sure we’ll still like the class.”

As she starts down the hall, I say, “by the way, the sub is teaching pilates…”


It was a long, drawn out, disappointed f*bomb that she quickly tried to catch and push back into her mouth before it was completely out. With wide eyes, embarassed, she looked at me. I let out a very loud laugh, the therapeutic kind, and said a little prayer in my heart for the pilates instructor.

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