Color Me Thrilled

Sometime in the early 90’s I moved to Long Island to be a nanny. Once in a while, I’d go into the city with friends to hang out, buy a shirt at the Gap or eat at Planet Hollywood (hey, I was 19 and it was brand new back then). During one particular visit to Tower Records, I remember debating whether or not to buy a CD I wanted. You see, before there were Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and 98 Degrees, there was Color Me Badd. At that time, they had an album out that had three hit songs, the biggest of which was I Wanna Sex You Up, which was pretty awesome. Although none of them were Justin Timberlake (but one of them bears a slight resemblance to George Michael), I loved their music. That day in New York City, I chose not to purchase the CD (probably cassette back then) and had a couple of pangs of regret over the years when I’d hear one of their songs. But there were many CD’s I loved more, so it Color Me Badd got pushed way way down on the list of CD’s to buy. Then today happened. I was riding in my friend’s car when he showed me his GINORMOUS CD case and asked me to find something to listen to. He quickly grabbed up a movie soundtrack to put in but I kept perusing the CD’s anyway. I squealed like a 12 year old when I saw the Color Me Badd CD that I opted out of buying 16 (gulp!) years ago, “I LOVE THESE GUYS!” With a look on his face somewhere between disbelief and disgust, he told me I could have it. “And by the way, Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas indeed. And here’s my early Christmas gift to you.

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  1. Best.Christmas.Gift.Ever

    Oh, hey, was Planet Hollywood that spaceship looking thing just up from times square on Broadway?

  2. Planet Hollywood is the movie version of the Hard Rock Cafe.

  3. Hey, I went on one of those shopping trips to NYC with you! Although I can’t remember if we actually bought anything (you being a nanny and me being a college student…not a lot of disposable income between the two of us). I’m glad that you finally got your CD!

  4. I love you. And I love Color Me Badd. I screamed like a little girl last week when “All 4 Love” came on the radio. I actually can’t believe it was on the radio!!

  5. I loved this song back then.

  6. What, Sara? Has it somehow lost its appeal? I think not. This is awesomeness at its most awesome. And, as I told the lovely author of this blog, it reminds me of another piece of awesome: “D*ck in a Box”.

  7. I remember a version on the radio where they sang “I wanna love you up”. Yeah, it didn’t quite work. I think i was about 10 years old when that song was popular…

  8. I always thought those retards had misspelled the word “Sex” in that song.

    Boy Bands are the best. When I came home from the mission, I found a BUNCH of old NKOTB t-shirts, and wore those around for a while.

    It was delightfully funny.

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