A Day Off

I know I’ve been talking (blogging) about my dad a lot recently. There’s no real reason for it except that much of what is occupying my time recently isn’t exactly blogworthy. Except for the juicy tidbit that as of the past few weeks, I’ve lost two bosses. I really can’t say much else, but three weeks ago I learned that my boss wouldn’t be my boss anymore. Then last night I found out that her boss, the boss of all of us, wouldn’t be such anymore either. Hm.  I initially thought about applying for one of the positions, but on second thought it almost seems like a death wish (my boss last year left abruptly as well). So I’m just going to sit tight where I am and mind my p’s and q’s, whatever that means.

Back to my dad. He recently purchased some property in rural rural Utah (yes, I meant to say rural twice), so today I drove with him to go see it. It was gorgeous weather for a little day trip. I chose Ryan Adams‘ Cold Roses compilation to listen to because I thought my dad would like that better than Fergie or JT and it’s good-driving-out-to-the-country music. My dad really liked it and said it reminded him of Neil Young. I’m not sure I can see the similarity, but ok, dad, maybe a little. I told him Ryan had a nicer voice.

The drive was good and for some reason I had to pee a lot so our first stop was Daniel’s Summit because there was a really nice lodge and general store there. To get to the restrooms, you had to walk through a restaurant that smelled really good called the Lodgepole Grill. This is important for later.

We got back on the road and drove until we finally reached the stretch of land covered with Junipers and Pinion Pines that my dad plans to call home in a few years. He’s going to have a place on it with a front porch where he can sit with his gun, sip lemonade and shoot things. It sounds like a good plan to me. I’ll probably visit him. Here’s a picture of him near the wash on the property.


We walked around for about an hour and he showed me the flat spot where his cabin would be, the grove where he planned to build his shrine to Roman gods and many different types of animal poo and prints. On the way home, we decided we were hungry, so we stopped at the Lodgepole Grill again (because it smelled so yummy the first time) and had some pretty kick-ass food. I like the beverages best because the water came in a jar


and the soda (which I wasn’t going to order at first, but when my dad’s Coke came, I had to get a rootbeer) came in a giant frozen mug.


We talked more about music and discovered that we both like Alison Krauss, and we talked about dating. I was going to say he gave me some advice, but it was more like perspective, which is even better, because who really follows dating advice anyway, right?

So, yeah, it was a good day. Perfect, even. And if you’re not familiar with Ryan Adams, I strongly suggest you click on the damn link and listen.

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  1. “So I’m just going to sit tight where I am and mind my p’s and q’s, whatever that means.”

    That phrase comes from way back in the day, when barmaids had to mind their pints and quarts. It was later shortened to p’s and q’s.

    I learned that in some random email that has a bunch of info that nobody ever really uses. But hey! It came in handy here, now, didn’t it?

  2. Thanks, Bethany, for the helpful tidbit. Très cool.

  3. So, is the future cabin between Fruitland and Duchesne?

  4. Rural, rural, eh? I’ve been out in that area and there are some beautiful haunts. Even did my final romantic getaway with Shelby at Daniel’s Summit. Ahhhh, memories!

    Thanks for the email updates. Have been busy in the Motherland and being sick. Because that is what I do best. I am glad everything is back on track!


  5. Roman Gods? Now that sounds cool.

  6. Actually, Sherpa, it’s between Altamont and Duchesne – Talmage.

    And Amber, I saw some really cool-looking places I’d like to explore on the way there. Get better.

  7. Actually, Bethany, I learned something different about the saying. AND I learned it on a tour of the print shop where the Book of Mormon was published. So that means it’s from GOD. Here’s what they told me:

    See, in this old print shop, they had all these bins with all the letters in them. When they printed a page, they actually had to get each letter out of its appropriate bin and put it together to form the sentences, paragraphs, etc. Anyway, crazy right? So you’ll notice that the letter ‘p’ and the letter ‘q’ look real similar if you were dealing with a 3 dimentional object in your hand. The term refers to making sure you put the letters back in the right bins.

  8. Sorry, but CWE is right on this one.

  9. so how does that transfer into a phrase about being polite? There must be more to the story! More! More!

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