Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat.

Apparently my niece and nephew are on steriods, causing excessive hair growth and huge muscles.


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Fun With Facials

Last week, my work sent me to a training for one of the skin care lines we use. It was a good time. I got free facials, got to practice with my roommate, who is in esthetician school, and got to eat catered lunch every day. Plus I got paid for it. One of the masques we used was a gel masque that you put into a mold, heat up, and then let it set. When you put it on the face, it has this really awesome cooling effect (which is great for people who flush easily – very calming).


My favorite thing about it is that it reminded me of this.


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Color Me Thrilled

Sometime in the early 90’s I moved to Long Island to be a nanny. Once in a while, I’d go into the city with friends to hang out, buy a shirt at the Gap or eat at Planet Hollywood (hey, I was 19 and it was brand new back then). During one particular visit to Tower Records, I remember debating whether or not to buy a CD I wanted. You see, before there were Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and 98 Degrees, there was Color Me Badd. At that time, they had an album out that had three hit songs, the biggest of which was I Wanna Sex You Up, which was pretty awesome. Although none of them were Justin Timberlake (but one of them bears a slight resemblance to George Michael), I loved their music. That day in New York City, I chose not to purchase the CD (probably cassette back then) and had a couple of pangs of regret over the years when I’d hear one of their songs. But there were many CD’s I loved more, so it Color Me Badd got pushed way way down on the list of CD’s to buy. Then today happened. I was riding in my friend’s car when he showed me his GINORMOUS CD case and asked me to find something to listen to. He quickly grabbed up a movie soundtrack to put in but I kept perusing the CD’s anyway. I squealed like a 12 year old when I saw the Color Me Badd CD that I opted out of buying 16 (gulp!) years ago, “I LOVE THESE GUYS!” With a look on his face somewhere between disbelief and disgust, he told me I could have it. “And by the way, Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas indeed. And here’s my early Christmas gift to you.

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Hi it’s me again.

I was going to post about all these weird thing that have been happening to me but then I logged into wordpress and saw this. It’s lame that it happened, but if you look at the pictures of them, they look all bad-ass, like they’re proud of their war wounds.

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A Day Off

I know I’ve been talking (blogging) about my dad a lot recently. There’s no real reason for it except that much of what is occupying my time recently isn’t exactly blogworthy. Except for the juicy tidbit that as of the past few weeks, I’ve lost two bosses. I really can’t say much else, but three weeks ago I learned that my boss wouldn’t be my boss anymore. Then last night I found out that her boss, the boss of all of us, wouldn’t be such anymore either. Hm.  I initially thought about applying for one of the positions, but on second thought it almost seems like a death wish (my boss last year left abruptly as well). So I’m just going to sit tight where I am and mind my p’s and q’s, whatever that means.

Back to my dad. He recently purchased some property in rural rural Utah (yes, I meant to say rural twice), so today I drove with him to go see it. It was gorgeous weather for a little day trip. I chose Ryan Adams‘ Cold Roses compilation to listen to because I thought my dad would like that better than Fergie or JT and it’s good-driving-out-to-the-country music. My dad really liked it and said it reminded him of Neil Young. I’m not sure I can see the similarity, but ok, dad, maybe a little. I told him Ryan had a nicer voice.

The drive was good and for some reason I had to pee a lot so our first stop was Daniel’s Summit because there was a really nice lodge and general store there. To get to the restrooms, you had to walk through a restaurant that smelled really good called the Lodgepole Grill. This is important for later.

We got back on the road and drove until we finally reached the stretch of land covered with Junipers and Pinion Pines that my dad plans to call home in a few years. He’s going to have a place on it with a front porch where he can sit with his gun, sip lemonade and shoot things. It sounds like a good plan to me. I’ll probably visit him. Here’s a picture of him near the wash on the property.


We walked around for about an hour and he showed me the flat spot where his cabin would be, the grove where he planned to build his shrine to Roman gods and many different types of animal poo and prints. On the way home, we decided we were hungry, so we stopped at the Lodgepole Grill again (because it smelled so yummy the first time) and had some pretty kick-ass food. I like the beverages best because the water came in a jar


and the soda (which I wasn’t going to order at first, but when my dad’s Coke came, I had to get a rootbeer) came in a giant frozen mug.


We talked more about music and discovered that we both like Alison Krauss, and we talked about dating. I was going to say he gave me some advice, but it was more like perspective, which is even better, because who really follows dating advice anyway, right?

So, yeah, it was a good day. Perfect, even. And if you’re not familiar with Ryan Adams, I strongly suggest you click on the damn link and listen.

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