How DARE They?

I’m stepping out of my I-don’t-get-into-political-debates/discussions comfort zone here. But only because I read this and thought it was pretty ridiculous. But maybe it’s just me.

Where did John McCain and the rest of the “important” government official stay while in Iraq? You know, the ones who came back and said with a straight face that the situation is improved in Iraq.

They stayed here:

I’m sitting on a gilded chair, writing on a gilded table. The floors beneath me are marble, and the chandeliers above are sparkly and crystal. The only reminder that I’m in a war zone is the pair of man-high concrete barriers I can see out my window. “It’s Sunday, man, you’re working too hard,” a national guardsmen just told me. Welcome to Baghdad.

Oh my gosh. You’re kidding me. Politicians stayed at a nice hotel in Iraq? How strange. I wonder why they didn’t stay at a more moderately-priced place like a Motel 8. I stayed at one of those in Buffalo in ’99 and it wasn’t half bad. They even let us have a late check out at no extra charge.

Not all that far away, Marine grunts are going weeks without showers or toilets, chomping on rations – and generally maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Wow. How bizarre and unfair that military men and women are living in less-than-ideal conditions. I grew up in a military family and WE were always comfortable. Oh wait, we didn’t live in a war zone.

I got my laundry done by a Philippino [isn’t it Filipino?] maid. Yesterday, I listened to a salsa band play in the chow hall, while I supped on alu gobi and navratan vegetable curry.

Maybe it’s just me, but is this guy doing the same thing for which he’s criticizing and trying to discredit politicians? I don’t get it.

This isn’t a war. It’s a war convention. Too bad I didn’t bring my bathing suit; maybe I would have taken a dip in the big, outdoor pool a few hundred yards away.

Who needs a bathing suit? Just grab your continental breakfast and go sun in your skivvies. I’m sure that’s what the marines do.

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  1. Yeah, it truly is a lovely little war.

  2. He’s being disingenuous because he’s withholding several key facts to prove his point(such as the fact that not all soldiers live on mres in baghdad-there’s privates that are in the green zone living comfortably-there’s also enlisted men that at one time, and probably still, that lived in the same palaces that the vips stay at). He’s not telling the whole story so the reader will come to his conclusion. This kind of political writing is cheap, dirty and condescending to the reader.

  3. Good point. My brother was in Iraq for the first year of the war. For part of that time he lived in a palace.

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