Downtown Farmers Market

It’s a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning (if you’re lucky enough to not be working, which I usually am), sample some Horchata-flavored Italian Ice because they were out of hazelnut gelato, run into old friends, purchase alien tomatoes, watch a little girl with fiddling skills comparable to Johnny from the Devil Went Down to Georgia, and eat apricot and ricotta danishes bigger than your head.


Published in: on September 8, 2007 at 7:59 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. Horchata flavored Italian Ice? Apricot and ricotta danish?? That sounds incredible!!

  2. You look like you’re chawing on a big fat fried egg. Just so’s you know.

  3. Or an egg pizza.

  4. horchata flavored italian ice? Yum.

    And that looks like you’re eating an egg oven mitt. Double yum.

  5. Horchata italian ice sounds SO good!! Egg oven mitt pizza doesn’t though.

  6. THAT is awesome. We have a little farmer’s market on Fridays at work. I should actually GO someday, though it’s probably not as cool as yours.

  7. Uuuuh… I just came to point out how it looks like you’re eating strange fried eggs… Everone else beat me to it though. I suck.

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