Where is My Truckin’ Dad?

The last one was taken somewhere outside of Portland. Anyone know where this one is?


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I was googling Fruity Pebbles images because I wanted to talk about how the mountains are starting to look like my favorite cereal with all the changing colors when I found this. The bizarre part is that she’s talking about the colors in the canyon just to the north of the one I drive every day. Talk about crazy coincidences. So, thanks, Cindy, whoever you are, for writing that blog entry for me. Your picture turned out better than mine, anyway.

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Once was lost but now is found: one pair Gucci sunglasses

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Where is My Truckin’ Dad?

So, in case you didn’t know, my dear father is a truck driver. The whole semi-drivin’ long haul takin’, cross-countryin’ type. Anyway, a few weeks ago, he enlisted me to help him purchase a cell phone, finally. He’s been on the road for years without one and has finally figured it out. So we found a service that worked for him, selected a really nice free phone that comes with it, and went to lunch.

This is him after we ordered and sat down.

This is him after our food arrived at the table.

He’s biting the inside of his cheek like he does. The first time I noticed that he did that, I was about 6 or 7. It was winter and we were sitting in the Buick in our driveway in Riverton (of course I was in the front seat with him sans seatbelt, because kids in the seventies were much tougher than they are now) and he was cursing at it, trying to get it to start. Each time he’d turn the key in the ignition, he’d bite his cheek. I found it so fascinating, I tried it myself. Hm. Not bad. I still do it sometimes, I think.

So, yeah. He’s figured out how to work the camera on his phone and now sends me pictures from the road. I think this will be a fun little game to have on my blog. I’ll post his latest picture and then we guess where he is (we because he doesn’t tell me where the picture was taken until later).

So here’s the first photo in Where is My Truckin’ Dad?

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Saturday’s PSA

Watch where you el oh el.

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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

You all probably already knew this, but in case you don’t, here’s something I’ve learned recently. When starting a new relationship, it’s a good idea, no matter how well things start out, to wait a while (like a couple of months at least) before announcing it to your friends and changing your relationship status on all your myspace/facebook/ldslinkup sites. It’s like how you want to make sure everything’s good before you tell everyone you’re pregnant (which I’m not, it’s just an example), just in case.

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Just Call Me Maria

Closed Door: losing the expensive Gucci sunglasses I acquired due to someone else’s misfortune in never coming back to claim them

Open window: in my search for said lost sunglasses, discovering half a box of red vines in my glove compartment – stale, chewy, red glory

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Monday Fun Day

This is all I’ve got today.

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Daim, girl.

So I finally went to Ikea for the first time. I loved the meatballs, the prices, the furniture, the style, the prices… And was able to walk out with only 3 things: Lingonberry preserves (crêpes, anyone?), and two sets of utensils. I couldn’t decide between wood or plastic, but each set included a serving spoon, fork, and spatula and was only $.59. So I got both. I also found the candy with the best name ever:


Like straight out of a rap song. I also thought it would be fun to hide in one of the showers and make out. Yeah, that would be really fun.

Here’s some JT for the day:

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How ’bout some romance?

I searched for a video clip to this scene, but couldn’t find one. It’s randomly appeared in my head lately and was just thinking how cute Jude Law’s character was in this scene in The Holiday.

Graham: Well, I cry all the time.
Amanda: You do not.
Graham: Yeah I do. More than any woman you’ve ever met.
Amanda: You don’t have to be this nice.
Graham: It happens to be the truth.
Amanda: Really?
Graham: A good book, a great film, a birthday card, I weep.
Amanda: Shut up.
Graham: I’m a major weeper.

When I first saw this movie, I couldn’t help thinking what a wuss this guy was. Now I’m reconsidering. Maybe being a major weeper might not be such a bad quality in a guy after all.

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