Got Tourette’s?

Checking a guy into the spa one day, I had just given him the spiel about what amenities were available, how to properly blow his nose, and drink water from the side of the cup that is closest to one’s mouth, etc. etc. when he asked what time we close. That’s a pretty normal question. When I told him 10 o’clock, he looked at me and yelled, “SUPERSEX!”

To make sure I really heard what I thought he said, I replied, “excuse me?”


I tried to ask if he needed a locker key but he ignored my offer and hurried down the hallway.

Oh yeah, and this reminds me of a story I heard once. For their elderly father’s birthday, his children wanted to do something special for him by hiring a prostitute. So she shows up at his house and says, “My name is Shauna* and I’m here to give you SUPER SEX!”

The old man was caught quite off guard, thought about the offer for a minute, and responded, “I’ll take the soup.”

Waitaminnit…maybe the dude at the spa was giving me an option. Hmmm…

*names have been changed

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  1. We have to go do this for the next KHE!!

  2. i’d take the soup too. less chance for the clap

  3. Doesn’t everyone want “SUPER SEX!”? So this guy is only guilty of verbalizing what everyone is thinking? You could have been more polite and just said, “no thank you”. You are in a service industry after all. Of course, soup is yummy so that is a quandry.

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