Real success stories from an LDS dating site (copied and pasted):

My husband and I met online in December of 2005. He was moving to St. Geoge, UT, and a missionary that was serving in his area told him to check out LDS singles to see his brother’s girlfriend and also to meet people before he moved. On the first day that he signed up, my profile came up. Since I live in Henderson, NV, 2 hours from St. George, it was strange that my profile would come up. We emailed for a while, then talked on the phone. We met later in March and he decided to to move to Henderson instead of St. George so we could date. We were married just this past April 2007 and are happier than we ever thought possible! We’re so grateful that we were able to find each other!! Thanks so much!!

In looking at My fiance’s profile I felt an immediate connection. I contacted her via messaging and asked her if she would look over my profile and if I was someone she would like to get to know better. She wrote back and said yes. We hit it off right away. It has been a wonderful experience. I asked for her hand in marraige and she has greatfully accepted. The Lord brought us together and has been our guide in the time we have known each other.

Success stories you probably won’t see on the same site:

I was about to log off and go to bed when he IM’d me. He didn’t waste any time getting to some very personal questions. It was uncomfortable at first, but I got over it and agreed to let him come to my place that night anyway. The following week, we eloped to Las Vegas!

She sent me a ‘smile’ so I sent her one back. Then she sent a ‘hi’ and I sent a ‘nice pics.’ She responded with a ‘let’s meet up’ and I sent her a ‘you seem fun.’ Then we met up and she was fun and had nice pics so now we’re engaged.

We exchanged a couple of emails on the site and decided to meet at one of the dances that was advertised on your site. I thought he looked so much hotter in person and he told me the same thing. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other all night. Nine months later, our daughter was born. We will probably get married sometime and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for helping me meet my baby daddy.

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  1. You should consider posting that last success story on Linkup as though it were your own.

  2. The second story is just keeping’ it real. Totally deserves to be on the site!

  3. HAhahaha! I love it! Those are the kinds of stories you look forward to telling your grandkids.

  4. So true. Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. These made me laugh. You’re the best.

  6. how about:

    “he emailed me and seemed really funny, so i emailed back. after a few exchanges we decided to meet in person. it’s been 4 months now and i can’t get him to leave me alone. he stalks me several times a week and seems to know my every move. he leaves me threatening notes pinned to severed animal heads. after filing the restraining order i was introduced to my advocate at the rape crisis center and now we’re getting MARRIED!! THANK YOU LDS MINGLE!!”

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