…and how about some pickle candy?

The next time you go to Sugarhouse Movies 10 and you decide to spend $1,000,032 on a popcorn and Coke, even though you only paid $1.50 for the ticket, be sure to check out the menu marquee above the snack bar. I guess it’s not big enough because all the words are squished together and it looks like they sell Hot Dog Water. Mmm…


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  1. Hey, the picture isn’t working.

  2. Yes it is. Your eyes aren’t working.

  3. Mmmmm, hot dog water AND pickle candy sound yummy.

  4. Is pickle candy anything like a pickle tickle?

  5. Hot Dog Water. Would that be water squeezed OUT of a hot dog? Like hot dog JUICE? Or, were they, like, BOILED and this is the water they were boiled in?

    It makes you wonder.

  6. I got a hot dog from Costco the other day, and it looked all moldy so Mike took it back.

    They told him it was just the stuff that bubbles to the top when they boil the hot dogs.

    Oh. Okay. THAT makes it better.

  7. Wenmei – gross (prego)
    Trav – gross
    Kip – gross, makes me wonder about baby oil…
    Bethany – gross!

    P.S. If you actually go up to the counter giggling and ask for hot dog water, they’re not amused. In fact, they’ll probably spit in your Coke.

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