When in doubt, play.

Saturday night, Trav and I drove to Tooele to visit Melissa and her “new” house. After the tour, we decided we were hungry and needed some nourishment, but instead we went to Wingers. Our server, we decided, was the boy version of our friend, Laurie. So, Laurie, if you suspect you have an illegitimate brother, he works at the Wingers in Tooele. We couldn’t tell if he was gay or just really sweet. We all think he was flirting with each of us, so who knows?

As we sat down, we (well, Travis) quickly discovered that when he moved his seat, Melissa’s seat moved. Bouncing ensued. A LOT of bouncing (as Melissa is fairly well-endowed). And laughing. I got it on video, but you all will just have to miss out because I am technologically retarded and have no idea how to transfer it to my blog.

We ordered a dessert to share and the kid who brought it out was not our server. It was a guy with shaggy hair who barely looked old enough to legally work there. As he set the plate down, he said, “I hope you like the dessert. I got bored so I used the whole can of whipped cream.” This it what it looked like (there’s a slice of pie under there):



After the pie was gone, there was so much whipped cream, we weren’t sure what to do with it. So, like any mature 30-somethings on a Saturday night in Tooele, we played with it.



I had a blackberry lemonade. Blackberries kept getting stuck at the end of my straw.


I don’t know why some of these pictures are big and some are little. It’s probably because they wanted it that way (they = the pictures or aliens). You should come with us next time.

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  1. I’m totally going to win!

  2. Win what?! 😉

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