Even more from Garfield…

#13 “Choose a Topic” 10/18/1985

I do not like choosing a topic everytime we have journal writing. Ms. Kaushansky, will you please choose some topics from other periods for 6th? Because you spend half the time thinking of a topic, then you don’t have enough time to write in your journals! Please think about choosing a topic for us at least.

#14 “Animals” Oct. 22, 1985

There are all kinds of animals. I wish I had a pet hamster. I have had four hamsters but they all died. I have also had a mouse. My x-pets names are Cujo, Conan, Fluff, and Peachy. Oh the mouse’s name was Speedy. If I get another hamster, I think I will take better care of it.

#19 “The Way I Like to Dress” January 7, 1986

I like to wear big shirts (loose, long). I don’t like tight shirts (unless I wear something big over it). My pants vary. I have pants that go from tight stirrup pants to loose jeans. Shoes. I like tennis shoes w/out shoe laces. And I love my white leather moccasin-like shoes. Well, I guess that just about describes it!

But if I had my way, I’d have dressed like this:

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  1. Stirrup pants were my favourite. Stirrup pants with jelly shoes.

  2. all your hamsters died but you only THINK you will take better care of it?

    Your poor rodents.

  3. I wore mismatched jelly shoes so I could be like Punky Brewster.

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