This is why I’m not married.

So I decided a good way to meet people who want to date would be a site for LDS people who want to date. I filled out a little questionnaire to determine who exactly on the site would make the best eternal companion for me. There was one, this guy:


He’s almost as old as my dad, is an inch taller than me, lives in another county, and has a mullet and a handlebar moustache. Maybe I’m too picky…

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  1. LOL
    i’ve been married twice, and i’m trying to avoid a third one. marriage changes people.

  2. Funny that’s the same guy that showed up for me too!

  3. The only normal person I ever see on the LDS sites is Jeff, and he refuses to date me. Seriously…those sites have some of the most frightening people in the world.

  4. Jeff is normal?

  5. It’s fate! True love! MARRY THAT MULLET!

  6. Ooooooh… he’s fancy.

  7. How can you say no to that mustache??

  8. Perhaps online dating just isn’t for you.


    Yesh… you are Definitely too picky. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. He was missing something. He needed a perm in the back to accentuate the mulletness.

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