Stop being jerks, Facebook.

I went to a very small DODDS (Department of Defense Dependent Schools) high school in southern Germany. Of all such schools in Germany, it was the smallest. My graduating class had 29 students and in seventh through twelfth grades, there were just over 300 total (if memory serves). On a side note, can you imagine how horrifying it is for a too-cool-for-school senior to bump into her seventh-grade brother in the hallway between classes? Well, not that in itself, but that he felt it was necessary to fling his arms around my waist and declare at the top of his voice “I LOVE MY SISSY!” Yeah, brutal. And he wonders why I’m not married…Getting back to our sheep, Facebook, for some reason does not want to acknowledge the existence of Ulm American High School. So far, there are five of us trying to convince them to add it. Mandy, whose dad used to practice shooting missiles at Russia with my dad, is leading the crusade and it’s going something like this:

Hi Mandy,

We’re hoping to add your school. In order to do so, we’ll need you to reply to this email with the information below. Please be aware that we only support schools that are still in existence and that we do not support elementary, middle, or junior high schools.

1) Does your school supply email addresses to students? Please respond “Yes” or “No.” If yes, you must respond to this email from your school email address in order for us to add your school.

2) Please tell us your:

Full Name of your School
School’s website

Thanks for contacting Facebook,

Customer Support Representative

Mandy then did some actual research (she always was one of the smart ones) and replied:

Thank you for your response!

Ulm HS closed in 1991; however, I see three other high schools that are listed on Facebook that have also closed.

Listed under Germany, but are not in existence anymore:

1. Bonn American High School (closed in 97) 2. Frankfurt American High School (closed in 95) 3. Stuttgart American High School (closed in 92)

I do hope that Ulm American High School can also be made an exception and join these three now-closed school on Facebook.

We have quite a few active alumni, and we are all quite proud of being alumni of UAHS.

Full name of school: Ulm American High School
City: Ulm (Neu Ulm, if you want to get technical)
Country: Germany

I think it’s a little ridiculous that they’re giving us such a hard time. Do they think a pregnant lady in Seattle, a school teacher in Florida, a hermit in the greater Chicago area and an esthetician in Utah are just making up some random school as hoax to see if they’ll add it? Do we need to send them audio proof that we had a fight song? I still have my red wool letter jacket with a big U on it I could send. How about some Homecoming pictures from when Nikki Raihl and I didn’t have dates so we went as each others’. Oh, maybe we could send them copies of our yearbooks. I mean, come on, we’ve even got B-list celebrities (ok, one b-list celebrity, and actually I don’t know what list technically she’d be on, but she’s on the tv nonetheless) who went there. We existed, facebook. We still exist. And UAHS exists in our hearts (*sniff). Please let us belong to each other again (*whimper).

Let us be a network, or group, or whatever on your interweb site. And if you’re reading this, and you’re on facebook, maybe you could help the cause by sending in a request. K? Thanks. That’d be great.

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  1. Amen, sistah! Or rather, SISSY! Although I have to say I didn’t know who you were talking about when you said, “pregnant lady in Seattle”. That makes me sound so very…pregnant. And motherly. And mature. Which is so far from how I see myself. I still get excited about the idea of going to the German/American Fest in Heidelberg and seeing all the cute boys. And I still think that my Ulm letter jacket is totally rad. Even with all of the geeky pins on it (Brain Bowl, NHS, STUCO, etc).

  2. *points and laughs

    NERD! Did you get pins for being Homecoming Queen and Valedictorian, too?

  3. I feel so relevent.

  4. This would be a good time to post how I always wished the Dept. of Defense was the Department of Offense. Then we would have been DOODS.

  5. Why don’t you just start a group for your school on facebook?

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