More from the Garfield Spiral Notebook

#5 “What’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out'” – September 13, 1985

What’s in: large shirts, v-neck sweaters, jean jackets, one long, one short earrings, Jams, or Bermuda shorts, 2-tone jeans, bleached hair, rat tails, beads, Madonna crosses, pop music, flats (shoes), shades, Swatch Watches, rubber or plastic bracelets, big earrings, polo shirts, OP clothes, Hobie clothes.

What’s out: long dresses, stud earrings, Michael Jackson, glitter gloves, parachute pants.

#7 “Promises” – September 20, 1985

I don’t trust people who promise me things. Even if my best friend promises me something I don’t know if I would trust her. I really hate it when people say “cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye” that is really stupid. And also people try to bribe you to make you do something or give up something or say something and then break the bribe.

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  1. Swatch watches. I was so proud of mine.

  2. i was -3 in 1985.

  3. I feel so OUT. I don’t even know what Hobie clothes are. but I had a ton of those rubber “jelly” bracelets.

  4. Emily, I am made sick by the realization that I’m old enough to be your mom.

  5. teen mom.

  6. Since when are glitter gloves and parachute pants “out”?? You could have told me sooner.

  7. We really need to live closer together so I can keep you from fashion catastrophes. I love that I was so over MJ in ’85. I think that’s why he went crazy and thought having plastic surgery and building that ranch would win back my love.

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