Massage and pole dancing: secrets to a (really) happy life.

A guest sent an email to the general email address at my work addressed to a specific employee. I took out some details just in case. I didn’t know Salt Lake/Park City was a world. But whatever. I also think it’s interesting that her ellipses are either 2 or 4 periods, but never 3. Just enjoy this crazy email.

Good morning [name withheld]..

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in [withheld]. I wanted to take the time to thank you for that soothing body exfoliation, wrap, sauna, and massage a couple of weeks ago. You watched out for my interests and I enjoyed our conversations. Thank you for our compliment as well. I didn’t want to take you back with my exercise regime of pole dancing, but it, of all my workouts in the past, has helped me stretch wider, feel deeper, curve richer and own my own body purely. It helps me wake up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. I wish they offered it in your world of Salt Lake/Park City.

C’est la vie

But.when I do come back to the spa, I will ask for you personally..only this time take you up on you offer of the 2-hr. massage….

a la belle etoile….

[name withheld]

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  1. Hmm, I had no idea pole dancing was so rewarding.

  2. Does it make a difference that the massage therapist in question is a guy?

  3. Nah, but then I picture a male massage therapist on a pole and thats a great mental image.

  4. You’re sittin’ on a gold mine, Trebeck!

    Seriously. The world of Salt Lake / Park City lacks pole dancing exercise facilities? Get on that! You could get rich with a pole dancing workout franchise!

  5. Are we supposed to want to stretch wider?

  6. I know I’ve always wanted a richer curve…

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