Material Girl.

As I mentioned before, I got a new car. I wish it was because I had a few extra bucks lying around and decided to get one, but it wasn’t. I kinda had to. So it’s not brand new or anything. It’s pretty simple, but nice. It gets me to work and will maybe take me on some road trips in the near future. As requested, here’s a picture.


And while we’re on the subject…the other night as I was conversing with some friends, the irrational fear I used to have the greater Los Angeles area came up. I was fruitlessly trying to explain why it gave me the creeps, stating how materialistic it was, which really didn’t describe my perception of LA very well at all, leaving them with an inaccurate explanation. Finally, I gave up trying to express myself. In an effort to change the subject, I turned to my friend, Mike, who has expressed his disgust at the trend of wearing giant sunglasses (which I love, but mine, unfortunately, broke) and asked if he approved of the pair I was currently wearing (that I adopted when someone never claimed them from the lost & found at work). “They’re Gucci,” I added.



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  1. My gigantic sun glasses broke yesterday, too. Maybe you could shop the lost and found for me as well.

  2. Nice wheels… sorry about your sunglasses, and that you are such a weirdo. 😉

  3. So classic. Your whole case against LA being how materialistic they are, and when asked why you like these sunglasses that are obviously NOT your preferred gigantic bug-eye glasses but of a more rational size, the reason you like these not so ginormous glasses is because they’re Gucci… hahahaha. Ahh good times.

  4. Well, mostly I liked them because they cost someone else and arm and a leg, but I got them for FREE.

  5. I think you’re materialistic.

  6. Maybe a little. But I get it from watching you, ok?

  7. Regarding Los Angeles… You just have to make sure you live and hang out in the beach communities. Way more laid back. In fact, we always knew a local in Malibu if they were wearing casual clothing. Even the most famous people dressed way, way down living in Malibu. If they were all dressed up in their Coco Chanel suits or whatever, we knew they were from Beverly Hills. We were right about 95% of the time. The beach communities are the BEST part about LA. I only enjoyed visiting the other parts.

  8. niiiiiiice

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