Not how we roll, eh.

Here’s a little etiquette lesson for the day. I work at a spa, not a massage parlour. People who provide massage services (not “rub-downs”) are called massage therapists, not masseuses or masseurs. When you call to set up an appointment for a massage, it’s ok and customary to request a preference for a female or male massage therapist. It is not ok to request “a hot one” or a “cute young blonde.”

Thank you. The end. Too bad the piggy ones probably aren’t reading this.

Oh, and happy birthday today, to Hilary Nice (my cousin’s daughter), who is NINE freaking years old, Jason Stone, a boy I used to crush on in college (hard), and Tania Cantrell, a dear old friend from a while ago with whom I’ve lost touch over the years. I think I remembered Jason’s birthday because it was the same day as Tania’s and then Hilary was born. So I will always be reminded of the three together.

Oh, and for Amber, Shannon, Sara, and the rest of you weirdos up north…

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  1. Now that is how a national anthem is song. But, no, we here is the U.S. are stuck with idiots that fuck up the words just to do that falsetto garbage that sounds like a cat being spun in a dryer…

    My God, she is so…

  2. Thanks for pulling my blog out of the “G” rating, Richard. O Canada *is* a pretty awesome anthem.

  3. Oh yeah, you get the best phone calls and visitors working the front desk. The worst part of the front desk is dealing with the angry therapists when you’ve overbooked them or something. But the crazies make up for it.

  4. This would explain why they keep hanging up on me when I ask for a cute Asian with big hooters. You’ve solved a mystery today.

  5. *That* was funny. Sicko.

  6. But what if they are just trying to request YOU but can’t remember your name because they spent most of the time starring through the face pillow at your feet?

  7. What was with the french? That part ruined it. No one likes the french.

  8. French is the only thing missing from the Star Spangled Banner.

  9. Why would you want French in the Star Spangled Banner? Wouldn’t Spanish be more appropriate for the US of A?

  10. Maybe it would be, but French is awesome.

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