I just had this great sandwich for lunch. It was huge though. So huge that I had to unhinge my jaw to get it into my mouth, then I had to shove it down my esophagus with a broom handle. Now I look pregnant. And I’m not just typing this because I *am* pregnant and I don’t want you to think that I’m not. It really is just a sandwich. A yummy, ginormous sandwich.

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  1. dang it. now i want a sandwich! da*n you!

  2. I just ate an enormous salmon teriyaki lunch and I look pregnant too. It went straight to my boobs. 🙂

  3. I wish all the crap I ate went to my boobs. That’d be awesome. I’d definitely eat more of it.

  4. The unhinged jaw image reminds me of Jessica Simpson singing. Remember those days and that hideous way she opened her mouth for the dramatic effect? Yeesh…

  5. I think my boobage might actually have to do with the actual pregnancy, not the salmon. But wouldn’t it be great if salmon could do it? I’d be eating it every day. (OK, I’d probably stop after awhile if things got out of hand.)

  6. I can’t deal with all this talk of food while I am on a diet.

  7. You heard it here first. Krispy’s prego!

  8. If I’m prego, Mikie’s the father.

  9. Well I’m prego. What does that mean? I need to birth this thing already.

  10. You’re prego? Happy Father’s Day to me!!

  11. Who’s Preggy?

  12. Your mom…

  13. All this talk of boobs and I’m on a diet! Gah!

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