In the recent months of my life, I’ve had the really amazing opportunity to make amends where there had been rifts caused in friendships and potential friendships. One of them being the greater Los Angeles area of California, to include Orange County. For some reason, I’d developed this inexplicable fear of the area. So, in April started the beginning of the healing between me and Calipornia. I had to go for a wedding over Easter weekend and when I came back, I realized I really didn’t hate it. Then, thanks to the awesome Stacy, I got to go again last week. I’ve decided to break the experience up into shorter segments in order to make writing about the trip less whelming. Today, you will hear about the rides at Dizzyland.

The first ride I went on was Small World. Now I’ve never done acid, but if I had to guess, I’d say this is what an acid trip is like. Awesome. Scary awesome. It’s an acid trip where you o.d. at the end and go to Heaven, where everyone is dressed in white (except the can-can girls, who must be in Prince Heaven because they’re dressed in purple) and there are no lines between countries. I think Stacy was slightly offended that I would call her five-year-old’s favorite ride an acid trip, but I think she got over it.

The Matterhorn – I ended up in the very front and decided that sitting in front is my FAVE. It was such a rush that I couldn’t help but scream “Vive la Suisse!” over and over again. Man, whew!

Space Mountain – a loooong line for a short ride. And I’d do it again.

Pirates of the Carribean – It was very cool. The best part about the last two was cruising along in the pitch blackness, then hitting a sudden descent (also my favorite). Whoever thought of that should get lots of money, hugs and those Mickey Mouse-shaped ice cream sandwiches for life.

Indiana Jones ride – Wow. I can’t even say how much I loved this one. I know I use the word favorite pretty liberally, but this time I mean it, I swear. This really was my absolute favorite. I giggled and screamed like a six-year-old the whole time. I’m not even gonna talk about it anymore, because my words wouldn’t do it justice.

Then I saw the perfect treat: a rice krispy treat shaped like Mickey’s head. I considered for a minute how appropriate it would be for me to eat a Mickey Krispy at that moment. Then decided against it once I realized that if I were at Target, I’d be able to purchase a few boxes of Rice Krispies, some marshmallows, and a few liters of Diet Mt. Dew for what the same price.

Instead, I opted for a black hoodie that, coincidentally, matched the same one Stacy was buying (no, we did NOT purposely buy matching sweatshirts! How cheesy is that? Ok. We did. But don’t tell anyone). And I didn’t realize there was an embroidered Tinkerbell on it until after we left the Tinkerbell store, where everything inside was Tinkerbell…Hey, it’s a BLACK HOODIE. It’s cool.

So, although we’re not about to go out and buy matching sweatshirts and trade clothing, I think my relationship with Southern California is suffieciently repaired now, just as it is with L, B, and M. And I like it.

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  1. Ah, Disneyland. MY favorite for sure. I’m so glad you got to go… your review was truly amusing! We took Micah on Pirates of the Caribbean in April and he thought that drop was really exciting. He’s one of those “throw me up in the air a million times; I swear I won’t puke in your face!” type of baby.

    Please PLEASE tell me you guys went to California Adventures the next day!!

  2. I’m glad that you are patching up your relationship with Southern California. I have to admit that even though I lived in Northern California for years and LOVED it, I have a difficult time with SoCal as well. I go there quite often to visit friends, but I can’t say that I like it. Maybe someday I can follow your example and try to repair that relationship. But first I have to work on the getting over the extraordinary whiteness of Colorado…

  3. *wistful for Mickey*

  4. You’re gonna love DisneyWorld… and oh yes, you will go.

  5. Disney? My opinion of you has ever so slightly been reduced.

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