Every little hungry schoolgirl’s pride and joy.

I am sorry! I have blogger’s block. It makes me want to swear. There is so much to write about: Indiana Jones, strawberries, the farmer’s market in Hollywood, George Michael, Alanis Morrissette…so much. But every time I try to write about any of those, it comes out like verbal vomit. Stinky. Gross. Messy. The only difference is that after I don’t have that feeling like, “well, at least I got it out.” So we’re just going to have to hang tight until something substantial materializes. Maybe I wasn’t meant to write about any of those things right now. Maybe one of you will email me something inspiring to write about. And by inspiring, I don’t (necessarily) mean something that makes you feel all gooey inside, but maybe some news or a thought or a stupid video from youtube.

In the meantime, I will pretend this is the George Michael homage (vomit) I wrote this morning and attach the photos and use a line from one of his songs as the title of this irrelevant crapblog.

P.S. Why George? Because it’s Music Monday. That’s why. And because I love him. 

P.P.S. Not this George Michael. This one.

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  1. One of the best ways to get over blogger’s block is to read more blogs. Sooner or later, you’ll get an idea and BAM, you write it.

  2. Blogging is overrated. It doesn’t have to be brilliant to be worth posting. See, I used to believe in quality over quantity. But then I never posted and everyone stopped reading so now the quality doesn’t matter.

    Those pictures are awesome. I love that they’re in the same pose. Ahhh, A.D… how I love it.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Mike. You can write total crap and I’ll still read it. Why? Because I have no life, so there’s nothing else to do. That’s why. And, because I love you.

  4. I agree with everyone who’s commented. We don’t expect brilliance — we are here for a li’l piece of Krispy! It only takes one sentence for me to hear your voice in my head and that makes me happy. So verbal vomit or not, please give me my Krispy fix!

  5. hmm… somehow Shannon is agreeing with me, yet her comment is dated before mine. SPOOKY. (and no, her comment wasn’t there when I commented). SOMEONE has discovered time travel and failed to tell me about it.

  6. Or maybe Krispy or wordpress are fooling with the time. Apparently I posted a number of hours into the future. Maybe I’M the one time-traveling…

  7. Mike, you are cracking me up so hard right now, you and your silly time-traveling ways…

    And Shan, I love you, too.

  8. *mwa*

  9. Yeah, that IS weird that my comment came first. I swear yours really was there before mine, or I’m psychic and knew it would be eventually.

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