Spelling Dis-Bee-lief

Were you ever sure you were doing something wrong, like something really big? And you just wanted to be done with it, but when you were done, someone told you it was exactly right? Well, here is what that looks like.

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  1. Ever see Spellbound? (2002 documentary about a spelling bee). I actually really enjoyed it– something to check out if you’re at a loss for a movie some time 😉

  2. That clip is priceless!

  3. Negus:

    1. a title of Ethiopian royalty.
    2. (initial capital letter) the Emperor of Ethiopia.

    Somtimes, I have the pleasure of serving some negus at my establishment.

  4. Mikie, I remember when that movie was pretty big at Sundance. I didn’t ever see it, but I’ve wanted to. Thanks for reminding me of it.

    And Richard – holy crap that was funny. Racist, but funny.

  5. So. You finally dumped that second-rate MSN and are onto bigger and better things. If you count your blog being named after veritable masochism.

  6. That was so cute!

    And this blog is so pretty. Now that you’ve dumped that old one, I feel like I can tell you it was ugly. This one is beautiful. It makes me want to come back and visit it all the time.

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